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Jan 8, 2014  |   Making Money, Opportunities, Resale  |   No Comments

How to make a profit with artificial demand

ps3 game controllerI’m not a big fan of the stock market but I do enjoy buying goods and reselling them for a profit. This can be done fairly easily with a bit of research and there usually isn’t much risk involved. This 2013 holiday season I enjoyed a nice Christmas bonus compliments of Sony and Microsoft when they released their new PS4 and XBOX One game consoles. By anticipating a large demand I was able to buy low and sell high which is usually how you want to do it. While these opportunities don’t come often, they usually carry big rewards.

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Sep 30, 2013  |   Making Money, Resale  |   No Comments

How to get top-dollar for your used cell phones

iPhone 4sThat’s right folks, it’s Apple season (both literally and figuratively). That wonderful time of year to enjoy a delicious crisp and tasty gift from nature. Also that time when a certain huge corporation decides they need a new product to appease the masses for yet another year. So find yourself some delicious in-season apples from your local grocer, alternatively finish reading this blog post to find out why it’s REALLY Apple season.

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