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3 Apps that will help reduce your electric bill

By: Tim Smith

front of houseWe’re seriously tired of paying our electric bill. Yeah, it’s not too bad in the spring when we can have our windows open and give the A/C a break, but at the height of summer and winter? Yikes. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t even get an electric bill because all of the things in our home would run on double rainbows and pumpkin spice lattes. But because we don’t see that happening any time soon, we’d like to share a few of our favorite energy bill shrinking apps that might make you cringe a little less each month.

You could be using 10% more electricity than you need by leaving electronics and other devices plugged in when they’re not in use. It’s true! This app, which is available on both Android and Apple, will calculate how much “phantom energy” you’re wasting and determine how much you could be saving on your electric bills by unplugging devices when they’re not being used.

UFO Power Center

You’ve heard of smartphones and even smart thermostats, but did you know there are now smart power strips on the market? When you purchase a “smart” power strip and download the UFO Power Center app (available for both iPhones and Androids), you can control your power strips from anywhere, allowing you to cut back on your electricity use by shutting your smart power strips off when you’re not home.

Light Bulb Finder

This app helps you make the switch from incandescent to energy-efficient bulbs by finding bulbs that meet the needs of your home. Specifically, the app can find energy-saving bulbs to match the style, wattage, and size of your home’s existing bulbs, saving you time and hassle at the store. With each bulb you switch out, the app can also help you figure out your estimated energy
savings with its built-in calculator.

Kill Ur Watts

The Kill Ur Watts app (available on iPhones) makes reducing your carbon footprint more fun than ever. With this app, you can answer a few questions about your home and electricity habits to figure out how large your carbon footprint is and what steps you can take to cut back on your electricity usage.

The best part? You can even invite your family and friends to a “challenge” as a means of seeing who can reduce their carbon footprints the most in a given period of time. This is an excellent app for families who want to save electricity and help the planet while having some fun in the process.

As you can see, there are all kinds of great ways to cut back on your electricity usage, and your smartphone can help make the process even easier. Have a favorite app or idea for reducing your electric bill? Spill it in the comments!

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